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April 25 - May 1
The Lunchbox
Directed by Ritesh Batra

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The Lunchbox

The Official Site of the Mumbai Dabbawala

One of the pivotal characters in our April film,
The Lunchbox, is the Mumbai food delivery
service, commonly known in India as Dabbawala.
It was started by Mahadeo Havaji Bachche in
1890 as a lunchtime food delivery service with about a hundred men.
In 1956 it was registered as a charitable trust under the name of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Trust. A commercial arm of this trust was registered in 1968 as Mumbai Tiffin Box Supplier's Association.
This group now numbers around 5000
workers and delivers 200,000 lunches to office workers every day with an accuracy rate of 99.99%.  It is widely studied by businessmen and students from around the world due to its incredible, yet low-tech, efficiency and accuracy.
Click on the highlighted text to see a slideshow case study of the
Mumbai Dabbawala system.
A brief video travelogue of the Dabbawala’s is posted at the bottom of this page and offers a fascinating glimpse into this unique cultural phenomena.

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